Friday, October 9, 2015

Happy birthday Fashion Diaries

Hi Everyone.
Did you think I'd leave high and dry? No!

So this week marks the 3 months anniversary of the fashion diaries. I can honestly say I could not feel more blessed. Ive received tremendous support from  (Photographers) at Sk Priviledged OGS Studios and Canny. Not forgetting my friends Amina, Lulu, Donald, TeeJay, Fredy and VAnessa who so graciously held my hand with their inputs some of which I'm still working on
BTS With CAnny: Work soon to come

Former Workstation

Team mates at OGS Studios

1/2 of SK Priviledged and My friend Vanessa

1/2 of SK Priviledged: VIctor

On the way to location after MUA @Maryciana does her thing

Sneek Peek on Snapchat before the launch of the site

 Ive tried to say as much as I could on my first post ENTRY 1 but I did feel like it surficed Thank you guys so much And to all my blogger followers lets head on to THE FASHION DIARIES